Multifunctional House

Headquarter of KANGO, spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) is located in a new multifunctional building in Vozokany in the District of Galanta, 60 km distantly from the capital city of Bratislava. The two-storey building in the 45 Main Street has 700 m2. There are situated offices and the shop with building materials. KANGO, spol. s r.o. offers to rent on the ground floor offices and shop on 154 m2 . On the ground floor are 6 double flats to rent.

Family Houses

We present for you houses ready to sell. Houses are built from the best modern building materials but also having a long lasting, high-quality processing and low operating costs for electricity and heating.

KANGO, spol. s r.o. grant every your wishes on quality housing for reasonable prices.


There is no family house ready for sale.


Price : 45.000.-€

Location: okr. Galanta, obec Vozokany (hlavný ťah GA-DS-HU)
Druh: Budova na skladové a priemyselné účeli (charakter rodinný dom)
Zastavaná plocha: 180 m2
Plocha pozemku: 552 m2