Many of the clients who come to us are affected by television advertising

Thanks to it, they feel that the mortgage is easy and fast, but the opposite is often true. Because nowhere is presented the period of its approval which is necessary for the documents, and then deliver the terms of the loan.

To ensure the mortgage is administratively and time consuming task due to the fact that this is a long-term loan, you will be resulting of this step, whether good or bad, 20 or more years. Therefore, we believe that appropriate work should entrusted experts.

KANGO Construction Company will provide you with support in finding the most suitable model of financing the construction of your house. Thanks to the knowledge of the market the available financial products we are able to optimize to the terms and conditions of your loan, so that they are the most advantageous.


1. The financing of the construction phase

The Construction is divided into multiple stages. We are always invoicing the completed stage, according to the agreed quotation with the investors. This type of construction is convenient, mainly for young families, who builds from mortgage loans and don’t have cash. Cash is needed only for the first stage, which is approximately 20% of the entire construction. After the completion of the first stage the Bank will pay the invoice and the construction continue by the next stage and the next billing.

2. Financing whole construction and following sell

We realise the whole construction, we built the house to “turnkey”. When we finish the investor pays for the whole construction work.

3. Mortgage loan

Our colleges, financial specialists made up for our clients the most suitable mortgage loan on the market from the menu of all dominant banks mortgages. This above-standard financial service with no hidden fees we provide for the clients to saving time, energy and money.